I Like LunaTik

Scott Wilson is a great designer. He is co-founder of the design studio Minimal (http://www.mnml.com/) based in Chicago. His studio has produced design for great products such as Xbox + Kinect, Dell Venue Pro,  Uncommon device cases, and several other brands.

Scott has also successfully crowd-fund-raised money for his TikTok+LunaTik Multi-touch Watch Kits on KickStarter. Amazingly pledged by more than 13,500 backers, he raised nearly $1m (almost 6,300 times the requested fund) to create and manufacture his coolest wristband watch kit for iPod nano.

In his second again successfully crowd-funding project, he has created LunaTik Touch Pen. LunaTick Touch Pen is simple, with unique design dual-function pen that can be used as a stylus pen for iPad as well as writing simply on paper. It is designed in different colors and materials for pros and random users both. LunaTik Touch Pen crowd-funding campaign, which still has 4 more days left, has already attracted more than $250k pledged by nearly 3,500 backers.

I like him and think he has made great products.


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