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What is Happillow?

Happillow is an state-of-the-art pillow designed to fashion your bed-room. It is more than just a pillow. We designed it to be interactive. It is a unique combination of a pillow and a digital alarm clock, therefore it is equipped with a digital alarm clock. The clock is designed to show the time through a set of glowing LEDs shinning from under the pillow’s cover.

How does Happillow work?

The inner clock shows the time through a set of glowing LEDs shinning from under the pillow’s cover. The clock is power by a¬†lithium battery similar to mobile phone’s battery.

An alarm can be set to wake you up. Simply shake the pillow to turn on the alarm. Turn the pillow upside/downside to set the alarm. cool, isn’t it?

When the alarm goes off, the pillow will go through three step to wake you up depending on how deep your sleep is.

Step 1, the LEDs start to blink with a lowest brightness. As seconds passes the LEDs blink brighter.

Step 2, after a few seconds, the pillow will begin vibrating until it wakes you up.

Step 3, if you are still not awake after a few seconds, the inner speakers of the pillow will play a ringtone from softest to loudest.

The alarm can be turned off by shaking the pillow.

When the pillow senses someone’s head on it, it automatically turns the LED lights off in order to not to create a relaxing condition.

Check this demo video:

check more videos

How to purchase Happillow?

Happillow is NOT yet available for purchase. What you see is a working prototype. We are developing and testing a few prototypes in order to make sure what we make appeals to all our fans and supporters. In order for this to be successful we have been collecting feedback from our fans constantly. We really appreciate all of our supporters’ suggestions and comments. If you have any comment please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our contact points such as Happillow’s facebook page, Twitter, Google+ page or this blog.

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