I Like LunaTik

Scott Wilson is a great designer. He is co-founder of the design studio Minimal (http://www.mnml.com/) based in Chicago. His studio has produced design for great products such as Xbox + Kinect, Dell Venue Pro,  Uncommon device cases, and several other brands.

Scott has also successfully crowd-fund-raised money for his TikTok+LunaTik Multi-touch Watch Kits on KickStarter. Amazingly pledged by more than 13,500 backers, he raised nearly $1m (almost 6,300 times the requested fund) to create and manufacture his coolest wristband watch kit for iPod nano.

In his second again successfully crowd-funding project, he has created LunaTik Touch Pen. LunaTick Touch Pen is simple, with unique design dual-function pen that can be used as a stylus pen for iPad as well as writing simply on paper. It is designed in different colors and materials for pros and random users both. LunaTik Touch Pen crowd-funding campaign, which still has 4 more days left, has already attracted more than $250k pledged by nearly 3,500 backers.

I like him and think he has made great products.


Mutewatch – Another Awesome Swedish Design

Mutewatch is a £179 wrist watch. It has a unique design unlike any other watch, at least that I have seen! But price and design are not its only surprises.

Young entrepreneurs of this Sweden based company has turned a watch into what is called “time management tool” by online and press reviewers. By tapping on its blank surface the time reveals itself. Through subsequent tapping and swiping up/down and left/right you can set the time and alarm.

Mutewatch is designed to change the way we manage our time. When the alarm goes off, Mutewatch starts to vibrate instead of playing a ringtone. This way you would not disturb others and only you would notice the reminder alarm.

Additionally it has some useful other features such as a motion sensor that adjusts vibration strength, pinch to erase an alarm, and charging via USB port. It comes in different colors. I have seen a red, gray, and black Mutewatch.

I think it is awesome. What do you like about it?

Check the Mutewatch promotional video

See a short demo from Mutewatch CEO – Mai-Li http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb0Npq6uuxA

See a more detailed review here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSD6-7V-TX0


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